Kenji Gunderson

Kenji Gunderson was born in Yokosuka, Japan and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Kenji is a self taught photographer who took to his craft after several years of extensive travel. His travels were the catalyst for his work and provide a limitless platform for him to cross cultural boundaries, allowing a broad audience on a journey that strives to explore small cross sections of people and ways of life.

Kenji’s portraiture is formed by his distinctive style and his genuine interest in understanding the individual he is photographing. He approaches his subjects, particularly his portrait work, with sensitivity and compassion. Kenji is intensely aware that every one of his subjects is an individual person; he/she has a unique expression that reflects his/her own story, set of experiences, and denotes a narrative that is distinct from any others. 

His most recent work “Smoke signals “is a collection of images that captures a unique view of the” Biker” culture of the Midwest.

He currently lives with his wife and young daughter in Detroit, Michigan. 

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